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Quality assured healthcare is now just a click away. zootomic brings the most trustworthy of NABL and ISO certified labs to your doorstep. You and your family no longer have to face commute, crowd and rude staff just to undergo necessary medical tests. Our experts collect samples and make your results available for tracking and viewing online; all while you rest in the safety and comfort of your homes. We are accessible through website as well as mobile app.

Zootomic health care pvt. Limited is India's most advanced Totally Automated Laboratory having its strong presence in more than 100 top cities / towns in India and internationally.

We have focus on strong technologies, strong brands and strong systems that enable all laboratories to give their clients the best of science and technology at an affordable cost.

We are a team of dedicated doctors, born and brought up in this beautiful and amazing city. We as healthcare professionals, decided to return the favour. And so we designed the new concept of "zootomic" which will revolutionise the state of healthcare facilities in the city.

Health is a very important aspect of an individuals life. Assessment of current status of physical and mental fitness and of any disease requires various laboratory tests. Once a healthcare professional prescribes a test, a common man has some concerns regarding :

  • Where should I go to get these tests done?
  • Which diagnostic centre will provide quality results?
  • What is the parameter of quality of tests?
  • Diagnostic centre in nearby area?
  • What will be the cost of tests/ package?
  • How much effort and time I have to give to get these tests done?
  • How can I keep record of test reports?

"Zootomic" is an online platform on which diagnostic centres have collaborated to provide answers to all these concerns. We offer various facilities like pick up of samples from home at convenient time with no extra cost, discount on tests, test results shared via email, comprehensive health packages at discounted rates, medical aid products, to name just a few. We provide all these facilities through websites, mobile application and customer care helpline number.

Keep booking your tests through us.


The first thing hit in brain when we think about hospitals and their cost but this will change your mind when you will see the cost. we have all the affordable prices for all the treatments and check-up. We can reduce the cost of anything when we perfectly understand connectivity between B2B and B2C. A fully optimized, efficient, machine delivery at affordable price (minimum cost).


We are the pioneer in our profession because we have we have best instruments, best technologies, our procedure of working is totally perfect then other diagnostic clinics and the all things is possible by our finest team members or brilliant mind owners.Trained and finest pathologists, biochemists, scientists and technologists we have and by them we give best of the quality.


It delivers reliable, assured solution even in diagnostic industry.

In diagnostic field we need to use Information Technology for many work like barcode reading, machine operation, data management system, create a secure connection between all department’s member because all departments have to exchange data between them self.


Our clear focus is to facilitate and standardize quality and cost of laboratory services across the world. By helping laboratories to outsource numerical pathology tests (clinical chemistry), the quality of services are ensured . Since the costs make economical sense for laboratories which lack volumes, this unique B2B focus helps the industry. Logically, we focus on preventive care.