This application not just an application it is like a help center for customers and humans. You can come here for discussion about your disease with our doctors. It is good for you and your health & yes one thing more, you can earn money also. When you come on our application when we generate a unique promo code for you. Keep the promo code safe and remember it for the future. We know about the importance of diagnostic because we are related by medical line. Without it solution of disease is very typical. Tell your friends and family about Zootomic and our facilities and tell them this can help them about get the best quality reports in the cheapest price.

Process to work and get benefits: -

We take test lists from the patients and also you can direct give it to us. For this you can just login to our website or you can just download our Android app from play store and send the report using that. Remember to use your promo code given by Zootomic . This will make earn some of the amount from the total amount of the tests. Get the test report from the centers or hospitals and very time consuming these days, share your promo code to peoples and help them making the tomorrow wonderful by saving their time and money.


  • For doctors and medical workers/staff
  • Job
  • Zootomic welcomes to all medical workers/ staff

Who join us:

Zootomic is a platform their all the doctor, nurses and medical representatives or anyone who is connected by medical department or service. Anyone can use or get profit with this platform no matter if it is Government, Semi-Government or even private managing persons or even who are working with them. This platform is specially designed for them who want to make better progress in their department and stay last longer in their fields.

How to register

Zootomic welcomes you to be our business partner to anyone who is in the medical department or any other medical services. To get started as our business partner is very simple if you just follow these simple steps:

  • Go on our website or download our application.
  • Create a user account for yourself.
  • Fill your detail in information form.
  • Then finally get the promo code.